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July 05, 2010


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Ann Kimmel

Why, hello! :) SO glad to read a post from you. You don't have to write much, I just like being in your business a little. You're a great writer, I like reading your stuff, and I have a nose piercing, so that automatically makes you a part of the "cool" crowd. (These are the things I tell myself over and over...)

I love ya Chex!


Hi!! Nice to "see" you. I can't believe your doctor isn't calling you back... that seems so irresponsible!

As an aside, I don't remember where you live - I think you used to be in St. Louis and are now out east? We are probably coming to PA for 2 weeks in August, and if that's where you live maybe we could arrange to do coffee or something?


I'm always glad to see your updates! Don't stress about not being able to write often. Just know that we're glad when you do!

Hooray for progress on the house!

I'm so sorry you are still waiting to hear from your doctor. How very frustrating. I hope the call will come soon.


You can come and sit at my table! :-) I like hearing your updates, even if they are sporadic. Looking forward to some pictures!


I am going to go to BlogHer, come back with a thousand ideas that inspire you to continue and then we're going to be world famous. ;-) That could all be the anesthesia talking. . . or the pain. . . or just the plain truth.

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