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May 22, 2010


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New friend,
I've been more nosey then productive today. That being said... I thought your house looked amazing at Christmas. I want your house. Trade? Dare I say it even looked empty. I assumed you hadn't gotten around to buying anything. Ha!

Also...my reno man and I have season passes to the Carnegie science museum and although we went once, we need your little one as an excuse to go again and not look strange. No preschool is an excent excuse for a summer field trip.

Now, further into my nosiness,I hope I am not bugging you. I feel like you are getting all my "friend energy" right now which might be too much now or all together. Don't be afraid to let me know if it is. So, my thoughts and prayers are with you. See you soon.


I'm so sorry about this sadness and I'm still grieving this loss with you. Sure wish I could keep you company when you are alone. I know those quiet times are so tough. I remember feeling pretty devastated about having an RPL file, too. Never dreamed that would happen to me or that I could make it through so much. We are always stronger than we think we are.

You're in my thoughts and prayers. Sending big, big hugs across the miles.

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