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March 01, 2010


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I hear you about the lack of sunshine. After dinner tonight I have to go lead my daughter's 4H meeting. I've decided to give that up for next year, pretty much because I don't like going out in the cold dark so many months out of the year.

A Wii for the birthday boy---he'll love it!

Hope the rest of your day was equally productive. :)


I'm with you in the funk, too. I made myself a home organization notebook and that seems to be helping me stay on top of things a little more than I had been. I can't wait for spring and warmth and sunshine!


Kudos to you for taking BIG steps to get out of that funk! I honestly can't imagine winters like you have in your part of the country. I'm not cut out for them! Here's hoping that the groundhog was wrong and spring will be here soon. Keep up the good work!

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