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October 12, 2009


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Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!


Happy Birthday!! I hope you've had a great day today!


Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

The only thing I complain about my birthday is that it doesn't get the proper respect it deserves. You see, it's 2 days before Christmas, so there are more exciting things to think about. *sigh

mom of twins

Happy Belated Birthday! Love your birthday attitude. Hope I feel that way next year when I turn 40.


Happy birthday! I am happy to celebrate another year of Chex in the world! I love your attitude.

Beyond Infertility

Happy birthday wishes from me too!

I agree with you that birthdays should be celebrated not dreaded. To me, birthdays are special. It's the only day that is celebrated just because you are alive and people love you. How cool is that? I often think that people who dread birthdays must be fortunate, and not have lost anybody close to them.

My dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness at age 40. He was given two years to live. He opted for experiemental treatments, and they seem to have given him an extension on life. Those treatments were nine years ago on my birthday in December. Life is too precious to grumble about getting the chance to live one year more. If anybody who complains about age would like to donate an extra year to my Dad, I'm sure he wouldn't complain! ;-)


Sorry I'm late! Hope you had a great birthday!

Black Belt Mama

Your present went out in the mail yesterday, finally.


Just checking on you - you okay? Hadn't seen a new post in a while and wanted to check in!

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