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June 20, 2009


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From one infertile to another, I feel your pain. There is a friend from highschool that I just found on FB that has obviously adopted, and I wish I was close enough to her to discuss and empathize through these struggles.

I'm in the process of m/c'ing my 3rd, so I know what you are going through with all the blood draws and "doctor drama"...I wish you the best, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

cowboyboot lady

That is really hard. It is hard to lose a friend, especially one as close as she was to you. I am sorry! If you sent her a message on Facebook, do you think she would respond?


I empathize. But I do not have the courage to open those chapters of my life again, especially after 1 failed attempt with an old male friend (who thought we had something more, but I thought not). The phrase, "let sleeping dogs lie" keeps resounding in my head and it stops me.
Keep us posted if you decide to make contact. I think you are by far better equipped emotionally than I am to reconnect with old friends.


This is a very moving post. I hope that the two of you will be able to reconnect if it's the right time for you both. I had to see a good friendship fizzle.

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