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May 27, 2009


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my fingers are crossed for you. I know that those ultrasounds are no walk in the park.


Hi, SO sorry to hear about the molar pregnancy, but I'm glad it's gone as textbook as possible, after such an ordeal. Thanks for visiting my blog. We're HCG twins! At least for now. Hopefully we'll meet back up at zero soon. The possibility that my persistent HCG is also from a molar prevent me from getting excited about anything other than zero. Are you really thinking of waiting a year? I was hoping to TTC after 6 months. But I think i'm feeling a little gutsy since no one has been able to confirm whether it was molar. Take care!


Glad you made it back to the land of the negative. Hopefully the cysts will get on board, too!


Hooray for the negative! I hope it keeps heading to zero for you!


so glad to hear the neg! I know you've been counting down to this point.

Black Belt Mama

What a relief! I'm so glad you got some good news for a change. Now quit all those jobs and come spend the summer with me so we can celebrate!


Great, great news. I'm so glad things are moving in a good direction.

Holy cow, did you say 4 jobs?!

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