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April 20, 2009


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Black Belt Mama

I can do you one better. Get the garden salsa sun chips. They are dorito-like, enough so that I almost ate the entire bag the other night. They're also multi-grain. So, you can gorge yourself on those and feel less guilty. You need to save up for the package I'm sending to you anyway. ;-)

Bush Mackel

Hey buddy, first time reader from BBM's site and I'm really sorry to hear about your recent heartache. (#):( Just keep on being positive and try and find yourself some "Doritos Project X-13D". They're supposed to be out of this world! (#):D

Porsche Nut

I am, as we "speak," sucking down a Chik-fil-a strawberry milkshake - with whipped cream. And I am dutifully emptying the house of Easter candy so my DD won't eat it - by eating it myself. Mmmmm, Sarris solid chocolate eggs, bite size, perfect for my desk drawer at work. I can sneak those while the kids are working! I think we need some margaritas to go with the chips! Up for it?

Bush Mackel

@Porsche Nut - Those Chik-il-a milkshakes are a guilty pleasure all onto themselves!

Martial Arts Mom

I am going thru just the opposite of gorging myself. Since I've been going thru this divorce, food just doesn't interest me - it's just a way to keep functioning. I am getting over the emotional turmoil now and am leveling out but am still not all THAT interested in food. I never thought I'd say those words! But I am hoping that the awful preoccupation with food I used to have does not return. I hope the approx. 30 lbs. I've lost since January don't return either...


Absolutely! Bring on the Doritos. Actually, I'm even more interested in the Dr Pepper!

Thinking of you.


I'm sorry, RG. :-(

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