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January 26, 2009


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Oh sweetie, I hear you. And it's even harder when you think that this one might be your only one. That becasue of all working we have missed so much. It's every career-woman's lament. I can't say I feel the urge to be a stay-at-home mom as much as you do but every day when I drive my daughter to day-care I gulp back a big wad of regret and sometimes a tear or two.

Martial Arts Mom

Oh, Ren Girl, I know so where you are. I have been there (and still am if truth be told) but as broke as we are, I spent a full year doing research on living on one income (which was not much either) and got to stay home for one year of my son's toddlerhood. But things started to get behind and I went back to work part time. Then, we had a murder in our front yard so we knew I had to go back to work full time so we could afford to get out of that hell-hole of a neighborhood. But that one year was glorious! Go to the library & use the internet and research-research-research on frugal living, living on one income, etc. If we did it anyone can. I mean it was only a year but even skimping, it was one of the best years of my life!

Ann Kimmel

Isn't it wild what underwear can lead to?

I was so startled when I realized I wanted to embrace being a SAHM instead of running from it like I have done for YEARS. When I started really tending my home, I felt a joy like nothing I had experienced with all the activities I pursued while trying to avoid being home. It freaked me out. Hey, I have two tattoos and a nose piercing. I am not supposed to want to be HOME.

While it isn't easy to see what you want and have to try and figure out if it is possible to get there, doesn't it feel really, really great when you get to know something new about yourself? :)


A basket full of underwear might not have led me to the revelation, but I think your situation is common.

I spent half of November and all of December at home. My wife took three months off after the baby was born and when she had to go back to work, I took the balance of the year off. We wanted to keep her out of day care as long as possible (although the daycare she goes to is FANTASTIC).

I enjoyed it so much. I was able to take the baby everywhere and show her off. I cooked and cleaned and emptied closets and all of that. It was great. I even tiled the family room and got a few other smaller projects done.

Three jobs is TOUGH. But the balance is money vs quality of life. The hard part is to have enough money to afford what you want, but still have the time to do it.

Who knows? If my wife, who is a genius, is ever paid what she's worth, I would stay home in a heartbeat. :D


I do NOT know how you do it mama. You are a total super mom. Next time I bitch about how stressed I am, I will think of you. I wish I could think of something to get you income so you could stay home! I'm comin up blank :(

Black Belt Mama

May I make a suggestion on those papers? I've been thinking about this. What if you graze over them and grade them. Forget the spelling errors, etc. Look for thesis, documentation and grade based on those few qualities. It might make it more systematic and faster for you.

Regarding staying at home, I think it's time for you to take a break and for RM to get an extra job or two.

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