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January 13, 2009


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Martial Arts Mom

I have been reading but am going through alot of the same type thing you are - my dad has been in hospital 3 time since Dec. 22nd. Twice, his internal defibrillator went off, saving his life both times. Third time, which he's being D/C'd today, is from severe nausea & diahrreah (too lazy to look up correct spelling) and they think it was from his new diabetes meds. My mom is a dialysis patient and not in great health either. And the kicker? I'm an only child. So, I'm here and reading, just not commenting much lately. I love your blog though!


Not a lurker, but I'm here!

Porsche Nut

You KNOW I'm a huge lurker - so I'm coming out on YOUR blog! I love keeping up to date when we can't talk on the phone. Stay warm!

Ann Kimmel

Yep. Just me. I'm here. I'm always here. :)

Black Belt Mama

Hi there-always here. I just like to be all ninja like about my blog reading.

If you don't get a ton of comments on this one, know that the other day I had over 500 hits on my site and exactly 2 comments. That's right, 2. Your ratios have got to be better than mine!

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