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January 15, 2009


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Porsche Nut

I think we all fall short every day of these incredibly high expectations we hold for ourselves. The reason you are such an amazing mom is because every day you keep trying to do your very best. We try to be perfect even though we know we can't be, and we still are disappointed in ourselves. He will remember those days full of warm, happy moments.They are a part of him, a part of who he is. It's why he is sweet, creative, loving - you know I could go on. You don't need to go back.

Ann Kimmel

I found myself nodding as I read your post. I lay in bed at night and think of all the educational and fun activities I am going to do the next day, and then spend that time falling on my maternal face again and again. There are day when I almost wish I didn't know what kids need since I fail to meet the expectation anyway!

BUT (and this is a big BUT) Porsche Nut is right. What Builder Boy will remember is that his mommy baked cookies with him and played with him. He KNOWS he is important and valued by the woman he loves best. The less than perfect moments fall away in their memories. Thank God!

As for the mommy guilt, I would say if I wasn't Southern Baptist now, we really oughta drink.


You are awesome - thanks for this post that every mother thinks but is too chicken to write. (Me included.)


I know exactly what you mean about going back for a "do over." As my oldest turns 13 this weekend and #2 is 11, I try to apply all of the things I've learned over the years toward making our new baby's life perfect. Of course, what I'm finding is that I'm really just making all new mistakes. :D

This parenting thing is an imperfect science... we just try to love our kids and make sure that they know it.

Black Belt Mama

You have more on your plate than most moms do. There aren't too many moms who can say they work 3 jobs, run the household, and raise a son. You are a good Mom. Being a good Mom is providing for your son and setting an example of hard work for him too; not just being understanding when he's playing George of the Jungle with your hair after you've spent the entire day being patient. Builder Boy can be challenging sometimes (this age can be miserable at times), and you are doing the best you can with what the world has dealt you. This post was very brave.

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