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January 25, 2009


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I think it's really telling that there's a political analogy. The thing about all campaigns is that they end. What do politicians do after every campaign they win? Usually, they pretend they don't remember most of the promises they made. Not always... but often.

I don't know either party involved, so it's impossible to say. He may be mr. perfect. But you asked and this was my initial reaction. When things seem too good to be true....

Ann Kimmel

There is always something to be said for perseverance and commitment. If those two aspects of this campaign carry over consistently into his personality, that speaks volumes about their future. Romance may fade with time and life, but commitment like that may make for a fun "forever".

Having said that, I would also tell your sister that I was once engage to the man everyone thought was "PERFECT" for me. On paper, we sure were. In real life, I would have gone mad after a year or two of forever (and in all fairness, he probably would have too). No one (and I mean no one) thought my husband and I would last dating, let alone being married. I couldn't be happier.

Sorting out love that will last forever takes time. I say your sister shouldn't rush to a decision too quickly either way.

You seriously have to keep us posted on this relationship now! I am emotionally invested! :)

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