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October 23, 2008


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I am so sorry. What a horribly crushing thing to have happened. I mean there you were minding your own business and out of nowhere this happens.
I'm just so sorry. In an instant we can make months worth of plans even if we are trying to be cautious.


I believe you are an incredibly kind and thoughtful person, and my heart is very saddened that you are going through such a painful blow. You've been vulnerable enough to hope and to share. May enduring comfort and healing find its way to you from every corner of the existence.


Don't you wish there were a word "bigger" than devastating? I am so sorry for your roller coaster week. And am still hoping for you from afar...

Ann Kimmel

I am just so very sorry. I wish I had something brilliantly helpful to say, but in the absence of that I will say I am so, so sorry and send you prayers and some love.

Black Belt Mama

I know how hard it was for you to write this, but I feel like I'm reliving that terrible text message from you from earlier this week all over again in reading this. I am so very sorry and when I see you next, I have a huge hug for you.

I'm holding onto my girl clothes for you; and I'm holding onto HOPE for you too.


I cannot begin to express my sympathies for you.

DW and I went through the same thing several years ago and we were both destroyed.

You will bounce back, but it will take time.

My thoughts are with you and while it won't help right now, please know that things will get better.

Martial Arts Mom

I commented a few months ago that I did the whole Clomid thing and lucked out both times, but I know the frustrations at that part of it. I never had a pregnancy end though and for that, you have my deepest sympathy. Like someone else said, I wish I could help, but I know you have to work through it yourself. But know all your reader friends are thinking of you and saying prayers for you and your family!


I'm sorry! There isn't anything else to say. Sending prayers your way.

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