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September 24, 2008


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Black Belt Mama

I'm happy to see you're out of the closet too. I was bursting with the need to talk about it and I know you were too. At least there are two of us, right? ;-)


Ok. :-)


Bravo to You and to Black Belt Mama! Conservative women totally rock.

From a conservative reader.


Looks like there are a few of us out there after all!


You go girl! Maybe there is a support group for Conservative Bloggers out there! I personally am about as independent as they come, but I love looking at the issues from both sides, and enjoy bloggers who have interesting things to say about politics. I'm not much of a politico, but I definitely like people with passion, so tell it like you see it...no matter how brave you are feeling! That's what bloggin' is all about!


LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! Kudos from a fellow conservative woman!!! Why is it (in my experience) that women who are conservative get dissed / ridiculed by those women who are liberal? There is nothing to be ashamed of, conservative women!!! Limited government, strong defense, lower taxes, sound national infrastructue...these are the things that are important to me. Go renovation girl & black belt mama!!! (I read your blog, too, as a fellow Pitt alumni :-)


p.s. I posted my comment after I read only the first paragraph, so I didn't get to the part of you being from Pittsburgh. Cool! I graduated from Pitt in '96 & still love the city, even though I've lived in NY for the past 7 years. I miss the 'burgh! :-)


Not American - but voting in my country's election in October. Not conservative or liberal...but green! And I still love your blog.


Wow. Look at all the conservatives! I am as progressive at they come but I respect anyone with a sound, well researched position. I respect those who are engaged in civic (and civil) discourse. I also have a few friends who have agreed to never speak politics and it works just fine.

We still have plenty to talk about like toddler bowl movements and cervical mucus. Right?

Renovation Girl

So, okay, wow! Look at that...there are other conservatives out there. Phew, because after watching mainstream tv, you would think we didn't exist! Thanks for the support!

Thanks, too, for those who don't agree with me, but commented and "played nice." I knew there was a reason I loved your blogs!!

Ann Kimmel

You brave girl! You go!

Here's my take on the liberals blogging more - sometimes people have to try really hard to convince themselves...


Here's to a crusty ol' vet and a spunky young mama in the White House this time next year!

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