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August 27, 2008


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Whoo hoo! Look, you actually get to benefit from that money you pay every single month!

Martial Arts Mom

My 10 yo ADHD son has speech therapy on his IEP. Like your son, my son started talking EARLY and ALOT and pretty clearly as well. When they did evals on him for the IEP, they said when he combines the letter "s" with another letter to make one sound (sc, sh, sw, etc.)that it is just slightly "off".) Nobody else notices anything at all. I figured it couldnt' hurt but I think it is absolutely silly in my son's case. These are the kinds of nonsense things that make insurance companies so paranoid of covering something in the first place. I mean seriously, do you know ANYONE at all who was tested for sleep apnea who supposedly doesn't have it? Not me - everyone from my friend's young son to both my parents, to about 6 people I work with all diagnosed with sleep apnea. Gimme a break.

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