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April 02, 2008


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Is it the Golden Girls?


Rita-YES, that's it!!!! I could not think of that!!!! Thank you! :)

Black Belt Mama

You have me in tears. You are the best friend a gal could ever hope to have and I feel exactly the same way about you. It's an absolute pleasure and privilege to be your friend.


i have been through the mill when it comes to friends and your posts is so amazing. Freinds like these are hard to find but when you find them it is the best gift anyone could ever give you!! I am working on a relativly new friendship that i hope will be as strong as the ones you talk about.


Ok, Rita, I hate it when people steal my thunder, but yes, it was the Golden Girls. But I'll one-up you...I even know the title of the song. It was called "The Golden Girls Theme Song" So there. Terrific, heart-warming post RG. Made me wanna hug my best bud of sixteen years...if she only didn't live six states away. :-(


That was a beautiful post! It does sound like you have an excellent support group. I am also blessed with a small support group. I consider these people to be more like members of my extended family (the kind you like...not the obnoxious ones that you manage to "forget" to invite to family functions, lol) rather than just friends. Again, what a great post and what a great way to tell those girls how much they mean to you! :o)

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