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March 11, 2008


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Please don't get me going down that train of thought...unfinished projects? Oy vey, my poor ole house has developed an inferiority complex from all the times we've started and stopped things on it. You've inspired me, though. I WILL put back that towel rod in the bathroom that has been leaning against the back of the toilet for about 9 months now. I WILL!


At least you will be enjoying your completed projects when ever that happens. We move frequently because of military requirements--now I don't mind moving but I hate leaving my hard work behind for someone else to enjoy, like now, I love my kitchen, finally got it done and we will be selling out house next summer--so I have a year to really take it all in. By the way, I love the house...awesome picture you posted before.

Black Belt Mama

Or you could be like us and never even start a project. . .

Yes, we still have pink carpet. This is why I'm building and starting from scratch. ;-)


We bought the perfect fixer upper with "not that much work" only to find out that all the "already stripped frames and skirtings" were not stripped at all but covered with a clearly farnished finish that had been nailed on. As we took this off we discovered that portions of the original origan was rotten and that portions of the floor would have to be redone from water damage... every were we thougth would be a "quick fix" landed up unearthing things that we have no money to sort out so we also landed up in the renovation in every room still to be completed look....
Luckily while i was on leave i managed to clean up a lot so it doesnt look so bad.
now we are selling and im very very sad..but i guess thats life!!


Topsy-Techie-Only 9 months? I think you still have some time yet on that one. ;)

Spin-Diva-Ugh on leaving your hard work behind. I don't know how you do it!

BBM-Both houses we have lived in have come with peptobismol pink rooms...we should've gotten my paint and your carpets together.

Mizasiwa-Oh boy, we can relate on some level, but boy does that really stink!

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