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March 25, 2008


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Black Belt Mama

You can always talk about your best friend and how fabulous her blog is. . . ;-)

The problem is, I think I know EVERYTHING about you!


Hey girl,
So you're renovating the kitchen huh? How about a photo journal blog with some before and after pics and if the project is not done, maybe some before and on the way pictures...I would love to see some of your projects, how they develop and how you deal with challenges.

One year my husband and were renovating the enclosed porch in a 200 year old house in PA. We decided to just take down the interior walls because everything else appeared to be fine. Well to our surprised, we found an ant's next, queen and all hiding behind the walls. We tore the whole thing down, destroyed the nest and the weekend project that was supposed to cost not more than $200, turned into a month long project and the price went up quite a bit too. We did all the work, built long windows ourselves and ended up with a really cute enclosed patio.

OK your turn :)



what were you like as a teenager?


hey neigbour i am struggling the same on my blog i really have fantastic ideas for blog posts - normally as i go to sleep and then i dream about them all night and all the way to work in the morning and then i open up my blog... and nothing.... completly nothing!! Its so frustrating!!
I think the photo update is a good idea - iv started a portfolio for my house trying to use it to prove to people that i can make magic happen in their homes too - you neverknow;-) !!
Tell us some background of how you met your husband and some of your goals other than the house...I find that sometimes it helps to focus on other things and then come back to my house later!!

Enjoy your weekend


Hi neighbor! Thanks for helping me get the Mr. Rogers song stuck in my head for the evening. Sheesh. The things that lay dormant in the nether regions of my brain! You need blogger fodder? How about 10 interesting things that most people wouldn't know about you...


Thanks everyone for your comments, suggestions and questions. I will be getting to all of them soon. As soon as I get back my digital camera (it broke...waaaaaaaah!), I will definitely be posting the pics of our FINISHED bathroom. It will be done by the weekend. Wait until you see the beautiful, custom-built cabinets by Remodel Man. Simply lovely!!

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