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February 13, 2008


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You're gonna laugh - It's been 9 years of marriage and we still haven't bought furniture for the living room. I'm waiting for something. Don't know why.

Renovation Girl

Rita-That really is funny! Now I don't feel as bad!!

Black Belt Mama

As someone who has been in your house, I can say with 100% certainty that you DO have a very very fine house and that it is absolutely beautiful thanks to all the hard work you and RM have put into it.

It never looked more beautiful than when it was decorated for BB's birthday. Not that I'm taking any responsibility for that or anything. . .

Nice post RG.


Ok - - so I'm thinking here - - how about posting a pic of your very favorite spot in your house? I have no doubt that we will exclaim with you about how very fine your house is RIGHT NOW when we see it! :0)


OMG are you kidding?? your house is amazing It is my ideal to have a house like that!! As a child that is the kind of house i wanted to live and i spent hours drawing up lists of things id put in it and drawing it over and over (including the cat outside - dont laugh!!)
I found you through Snickollett i think, and when i saw the name i had to read your blog maybe your a kindered spirit?? My frinds call me the renovation girl! lol

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