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January 25, 2011


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Hmm... despite the fact that my blog has been a big, fat downer lately my outlook is pretty reasonable at the moment. I think it's helping to get some of the memories out of my head. I think I've been so distracted by trying to remember them that it's freeing up some mental space now that I'm writing things down. Yay for fresh mental space! lol


"Ice glistens dangerously and surprisingly on the salt stained streets."

Love this sentence!

Isn't it amazing how much tension we can hold in our shoulders? Eeek! Really trying hard to consciously put my shoulders down, especially after subbing in Kindergarten these last few days!

I've been trying to do yoga at night---as a physical piece to go with the mental piece of telling myself it's out of my control. I think it helps me sleep better.

Thanks for today's post!


To quote an old pastor of ours -- "worry is a mild form of atheism".
Thinking of this helps me not to worry. I pray, put things in God's hands, and move on. He's in control.
Sometimes I also take the Scarlet O'Hara way out -- I'll think about it tomorrow. :-)
That same pastor also said -- God is seldom early, but he's never late". Wise man. I miss him....and the snow. I'm so jealous reading your post. I miss the amazing beauty of it. Don't miss the months on end of gloominess, though. It used to get me a bit down at times, but the Burgh is really a great city. Wish I was there experiencing all the Super Bowl craziness.

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